Mattel Honors Venus Williams and 8 Other Athletes with Barbie Dolls

Mattel and Voice In Sport, an organization dedicated to equality in women’s sports, are immortalizing eight top athletes as Barbie Dolls. Mattel believes this will foster self-confidence and empowerment in the next generation. Recognizing these athletes can help to show young girls that anything is possible if you pursue your passions.

Barbie Role Models

On International Women’s Day last year, Mattel honored various leaders in the STEM field by creating dolls in their likeness. It added Kristi Yamaguchi to its Barbie Inspiring Women line last month. Now, it has created Barbie Dolls to honor nine celebrated women athletes in tennis, athletics, boxing, gymnastics, soccer, football, and swimming.

The Barbie Role Model athletes have all broken boundaries, and Mattel hopes they will encourage girls to stay in sports and recognize their full potential. The performance of individual athletes plays a huge role in the outcome of certain sports events. With the Summer Olympics coming up, some of the celebrated athletes will be taking part, and sports fans will have many betting opportunities at online sportsbooks.

Tennis player – Venus Williams

Venus Williams is regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time and has won seven singles Grand Slam titles. She resonates with Mattel’s vision of breaking glass ceilings and always staying true to yourself. Her Barbie has a white tennis dress, visor, and flexible joints to show how agile she is on the court. Any Venus Williams retirement plans seem to be on the back burner. The formidable athlete is now 43 and is still playing matches.

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Sprinter – Ewa Swoboda

Top-ranked Polish track and field sprinter, Ewa Swoboda, is one of the Barbie Role Models who will be hoping to make the Olympic final in Paris. Her Barbie Doll looks exactly like her down to her signature tattoos on the legs, arms, and stomach. The top-ranked Polish sprinter is known for her explosive starts and specializes in the 60 m. She has three European Indoor Champion medals.

Paratriathlete – Susana Rodriguez

Paratriathlete Susana Rodriquez has a captivating story. She was born with albinism, a condition that results in noticeably light skin, hair, and eyes. Rodriquez is the first Spanish Paralympic gold medalist in the triathlon. Her Barbie wears her signature red and gold singlet. 

Boxer – Estelle Mossely

The French boxer was crowned Olympic Champion in 2016. She has won many amateur and professional boxing titles.

Gymnasts – Rebeca Andrade and Alexa Moreno

Rebeca Andrade from Brazil is an Olympic gold and silver medalist. She has won the World Championship twice and has over ten World Cup medals. Alexa Moreno is Mexico’s first female world medalist in gymnastics.

Soccer player – Mary Fowler

Mary Fowler is an Australian soccer player who plays for the Matildas and Manchester City soccer teams. Her star power has been rising since she became the youngest-ever Australian at a FIFA World Cup in 2019. Since then, she has been to two FIFA World Cups and the 2020 Olympic Games.

Soccer player – Christine Sinclair

Christine Sinclair is a phenomenally successful soccer player from Canada. With 190 goals to her name, she is soccer’s greatest international scorer.

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Swimmer – Federica Pellegrini

Italian swimmer, Frederica Pellegrini, is an Olympic Champion and World Record holder. She was the first woman to break the 4-minute barrier in the 400m freestyle at the 2009 World Championships.

Barbie Dream Gap Project

The dolls are part of the Barbie Dream Gap Project, an initiative that aims at leveling the playing field for girls in sports and beyond. Barbie Role Models will host virtual mentoring sessions covering topics like body image, leadership, and confidence.